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Warm it up B! I’m about to….

I have a sneaking suspicion that many of you are skipping your pre- workout warm up…. Is it true?

My Busy Babe Online Boot Campers already know better because I remind them daily, but I also teach at a local gym and rarely see anyone warming up before they dive into their daily workout! Keep in mind that a pre-workout warm up does not have to be anything extensive &  doesn’t have to take a  a whole lot of time. Also, it should NOT contain any type of static stretches (holding a stretch for a 3-5 breaths)- save those types of stretches for AFTER your workout. The video below is an example of a quick & easy way you could warm up! A quick lil warm up like this is designed to just get your heart rate going & warm up some of your large muscles. Keep in mind that if you have asthma or plan to do a longer workout you should extend your warm up to be a bit longer.

Need a kick in the pants to start eating healthy & exercise?

Click the pic below to join the Fit for Fall Online {fitness + food} Challenge! A new season is the perfect time to reboot your habits & focus on putting your best boot forward!

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Eat Broccoli First












Broccoli is one of the most perishable vegetables yet the average time from harvest to plate is a long 7 weeks. By the time you get it home it’s lost 80% of its nutrition. For this reason try to buy broccoli at a farmer’s market and buy whole heads not cut up florets. Store in a perforated plastic bag in the fridge and eat within a day or two of purchase. Eat raw or cook minimally – steam for 4 minutes or sauté lightly. ENJOY!



Dear Body, when will I love you?


Did you know that you are beautiful? Yes it’s true. Right now at this very second. In exactly what you are wearing. With or without makeup, yoga pants or your favorite jeans. That stuff doesn’t matter. The beauty is FAR deeper than that. We often forget. We are convinced my society that our body is too big or too small. We are convinced that our individual beauty means nothing unless it is decorated with the same ‘beautiful’ things as everyone else. It’s simply not true my love. Your beauty is a truly unique & wondrous type. No one can match it and the world would not be the same without it. So let that light shine through. It’s time to love YOU as you are. No stipulations. No if’s and when’s. Let your body just BE. Stop apologizing for your body. Never wait to have fun because you want a better body. Think about it. Why are you putting your body through all this? Would you ever tell a friend to lose 20lbs & tone up before you can love her? Seriously, why not love your body right now? Start living in your body this very minute.

Go ahead rock your body confidently today and everyday.

The Downsizing Project: Phase 4

We are REALLY DOING IT HARRY! {fav quote from Dumb & Dumber}- but, seriously we are now living full time in our tiny house aka RV!! I had previously broken down our downsizing project into the 4 phases below.

PHASE 1: sort, purge, pack, prepare

PHASE 2: sell, donate, evaluate

PHASE 3: prep our tiny house (painting, moving items inside, set up outdoor space etc)

PHASE 4: move in & ENJOY!

I just realized we kind of skipped phase 3 because we decided not to paint inside of the RV right now (as we didn’t want to add any stress to the situation). So there was really little prep that needed to be done. It has been a LONG & exhausting month since we set this dream into motion, but I am super proud of us for pulling it off! In less than 30 days we sold nearly everything we own and moved from a 1300 or so sq ft condo (3 levels with a garage) to a 300 or so sq ft RV with 3 slide outs!

Phase 4: So here is a pic of our RV being delivered to our space at the RV park. Since we purchased a 5th Wheel RV, but don’t have a truck to haul it yet- the dealership agreed to deliver it. We will eventually get a truck so we can tow it around & live in different RV parks & off the grid etc but right now we are wanting to be hooked up to a water source, sewer & have access to internet etc while we learn all the ropes of RV living.



The pic below is a peek into the inside of our tiny house. The slide outs aren’t out -yet so it looks really cramped, but Jude was anxious to get inside! Truth be told we have a hard time getting Jude to leave the RV now! He seems to really love living here & usually has to be coaxed to leave his lofted room + toys.


Here is the 3 of us enjoying the first evening in our new tiny house!!IMG_5299

We did run into some snags & hardships while completing this process but I am SO thankful we were able to get everything moved out of our condo and get into the tiny house. There are still some boxes stacked in here (they need to be sorted because we ran out of time), so as soon as the clutter is gone I will post a video of all of the interior features of our new place!


After we turned in the keys for our condo, I just sat down and cried for like 20 minutes. I think I was partially relieved and partially sad because Jude spent a lot of his life (3yrs) in that condo. We also saved some of our ‘important decisions’ until the very end of the move because we were dreading getting rid of certain things. I went from 5 boxes of Jude’s baby clothes/items to this little plastic box which contains his his baby book, blanket/hospital outfit from when he was born and 2 of my favorite outfits from when he was a lil babe. I never thought I would be able to part with the numerous amounts of baby stuff I saved, but it felt really great to free myself from all of it. Plus luckily I knew a few pregnant ladies that I could hand some of Jude’s stuff down to!


When I was pregnant we did a belly cast. It was fun & had been hanging on our wall since Jude was born. To be honest I was never really totally attached to this thing, but when the time came to decide if it would go in storage or not- I wasn’t sure what to do with it. So I tried it on and talked with Jude about when he used to be in my belly & we had some fun with it. After we got some pics I knew it was just another item that I was holding onto. I have pics of myself pregnant and the belly cast was just one of those things taking up space in our home. I know this might be hard for some people to hear or relate to because you are thinking ‘I could never give that away or throw that one thing away’, (I know because I was THAT person not too long ago) but if you really thought about it you would realize the important things are not possessions at all. They are those memories and in this case the living proof (Jude himself) is really the only memento of my pregnancy that I need!

photo 1photo 2

Even though we are not all the way settled in the tiny house- I am feeling a sense of freedom already! Some things are taking a little longer & require more effort like dishes (no dishwasher) and laundry (we have to roll our dirty stuff to the mini laundromat on site). But, I feel like our ‘ecological footprint’ has decreased significantly. We are not demanding so much of nature because there is WAY less water & electricity usage. We eat outdoors most nights too so we are breathing WAY more fresh air which is reducing our indoor air pollution intake. I explained all this to my mom today and she said “YEP, you are officially a hippy now”- haha! Want to know more about your ecological footprint? Try the quiz on this website –>

Here are some more pics as we kicked off this adventure: {BTW- I plan to keep blogging about all the little things/tips for tiny house/green living etc etc so- watch for a link to my new blog soon!)


Yoga helped to keep me grounded during this major change FOR SURE!


Check out my new kitchen- great counter space huh? lolIMG_5577We had SO much stuff!!! It was not only taking up space in our home, but also in our mind so releasing ourselves from all this STUFF truly creates freedom in every possible way!

IMG_5519 IMG_5522

Jude has NEVER spent so much time in his room. And now that he only has a certain amount of toys to play with – he is playing with EVERYTHING.

Thanks again for all of your kind words of support and encouragement. Blogging about this process has really helped me. It may seem weird, but to sit back & see it all unfolding on the screen of my laptop… sometimes makes it more realistic for me. Exposing my dreams and sharing them with the world puts me in a very vulnerable place, but I know I was meant to share this journey in order to inspire others. When I tell my son Jude that anything is possible- I really do mean it! Anything IS possible. No matter what your situation, your age or your past – don’t EVER quit your daydream!


The Down Sizing Project: Phase 1 Cont’d + Phase 2 Underway

Oh my goodness! Phase one of this project has been an emotional roller coaster + SO much work! I have been sorting, purging, packing & preparing FULL TIME (with the exception of teaching 1-2 fitness classes per day). AND we still have a good bit of work to do before phase one can end. I am trying not to rush it because I feel like this phase/step has many emotional ties & I want to deal with everything that arises as it comes- this way I can hopefully avoid any type of shock when getting into our new tiny house. We are still getting mixed reactions when we tell people what we are doing- everything from dead silence to “I give it 2 months”. We don’t expect anyone to fully understand & truthfully this is a crazy adventure that we will be navigating one day at a time. We care not what others think because once again this is our dream! One thing that most everyone is assuming is that we are in some serious financial hardship & have no other option then to move into an RV. Let me assure you this is simply not the case! We are looking forward to saving money by living small, but this is definitely a choice we are making. This is a lifestyle we are choosing and we firmly believe that our quality of life will be going WAY up once we start living small.

So since the last post I have been sorting & purging + selling items like crazy! Here is a peek into what has been my world…. IMG_5078

At first we only planned to keep what could fit into the RV, but quickly realized we will need a small storage closet for photo albums, Jude’s baby book/keep-sakes, our keep sakes from when we were kids, canvas family photos + some of my fitness equipment that would be really expensive to re-buy (because my dream of opening my own studio will NOT die). If we had family nearby we would just ask them to hold onto these few items for us, but since we don’t we had to rent a small storage closet. Storage is SO expensive!!! Our tiny little closet (5×5) pictured below costs us $75/mo!



We are carefully evaluating everything that will be placed inside this storage closet so they will be just the important ‘grab in case of fire’ items. These items will actually be safer here too because this closet is climate controlled & on the 4th floor of the storage facility. If kept in the RV, the heat or a possible water leak could get to them there. When I was touring the storage facility I was just in awe of this giant building (like the one below) packed full of everyones STUFF. If we pay $75/mo for that tiny closet then people are paying a hefty price for the bigger spaces just to store/keep their stuff. I shared my thoughts with the manager who was giving me the tour & she laughed out loud- she totally agreed, but was thankful for such a good business to be in. (She also shared her experience with living in RV’s when she was a child- awesome bonus!!!) These giant storage facilities are popping up all over the place- it’s so crazy to think that we are all grasping so tightly to our STUFF instead of allowing those who are in need to have access to it.


I would have to say that out of EVERYTHING that we have sold/packed up so far- the pictures were what caused me to become super emotional. We bubble wrapped all our precious canvases & family pics to place in storage (so it wasn’t like we we were getting rid of them or anything), but it was still hard. I think it was because those family pics were what made our current home feel like a real home- if that makes any sense…. BUT, I will be figuring out how to hang a few of the smaller ones in the RV for sure!

IMG_5066 IMG_5067

Phase 2: Selling everything was actually really fun! I felt happy to see people shopping through our stuff (even though my friends said it was kind of weird for them). It was great to know that all of our things will be getting a new home & be well-loved.


Meet my BFF’s for the week: a marker & some masking tape. I was a price tag making fool!

IMG_5026I thought for sure that spending so much time around my old stuff would make me try to take some of it back, but luckily that wasn’t a problem at all! I also tried to keep Jude out of the garage because I was worried he would do the same, but it was quite the opposite! He was suggesting people buy certain items like books for their kids etc- it was cute! Because Jude sold a lot of his toys; we agreed that he could use some of the money to buy a few small lego sets that he has really been wanting. This has been keeping him busy + has shown him that when you let go of things you are no longer using/needing- you can get some of the things you have really been wanting. He gets it & it’s a beautiful thing!

So I want to share a few tips that I think everyone should try/know- even if you are not down-sizing into a tiny house- I’m sure you could use a little more free space right?

The first thing is DVD storage. We have Netflix & get the occasional DVD from RedBox, but we also wanted to keep a lot of our movies. Since space is definitely a concern in the tiny house- My husband came up with the idea of just getting a CD or DVD book to put them all into & then just toss all the plastic cases in the trash (well actually we recycled them)- genius!  I mean think about it- you don’t really need the plastic cases because if you love the DVD that much then you won’t be selling it. And if you need to borrow a DVD to someone just keep a spare CD case on hand to put it into. Take a look at all the space the DVD cases were taking up in our little storage nook thingy before!


Compared to this tiny little CD/DVD storage folder below! Pretty Awesome!


The other thing I am super happy we thought of was selling books back to Amazon. We have a TON of books and some of them are school textbooks and costed us a lot of money. So before I put out a big box of books for the garage sale- I decided to investigate how much Amazon might buy them back buy for. In case you didn’t know: Amazon has a buy-back program for books, electronics etc and they pay for the shipping to send them in too! I am so glad I did this because we ended up getting an Amazon credit of $270! This was for just 4 textbooks- they will take regular books too but don’t pay that much for them. I decided to just sell the rest of them for $3 each at my garage sale & call it a day.  But, it’s worth a try to make some extra money! I had a cart full of Amazon products that we needed for our RV (water pressure regulator, sewage system materials, etc) so I was excited to get these items paid for with the credit from the textbooks.

Phase 2 Update: We have sold nearly ALL of our big furniture items. Most of them went to friends or friends of friends and the rest sold at the garage sale this morning. I placed a few items on ‘East County Classifieds’ forum and sold them as well. Today was our garage sale & it was a success! We made about $500 in 2 hours & lots of stuff gone! We will be opening the garage door tomorrow for a bit as our final attempt to sell our items. After tomorrow, we will be donating any remaining items. We feel so lucky that so many people (friends & strangers) have supported our adventure by buying our things. Our goal was to make enough money to buy a puppy (Roger Dog) & we have done that so we would like to donate the rest of the items to bless those families who are in need.

After this weekend we will be doing some last minute things to prep for our RV to be placed at the RV park on August 1st. We still need to do RV inspection, secure cable service & secure RV insurance. This week will be about making a pile of what will go into the tiny house, what will go in the ‘belly of the beast’- the small storage space underneath the RV, and what will be taken to the storage closet. SO much to do!!

I am bummed that I won’t be able to get my virtual Boot Camp off the ground for August but it just wouldn’t be possible. Soon though…. very soon.

Live SMALL & have it all!


The Down Sizing Project: Phase 1

Live Simply. Live Simply. Live Simply. I just kept repeating this to myself as I headed up to my bedroom to tackle what I thought would be the hardest part of the down-sizing project: my closet. You see I have been living by the old saying “A girl can never have enough clothes.”- do people actually say that? Well, regardless- I have been living by it. I have to tell you that as I purge my house- it has become like therapy. This part of the process was unexpected. I thought okay, just toss the stuff or sell it & be done. Nope, each step has forced me to dig down deep and ask myself “why do I feel the need to hold onto to these things?” (Before we continue, I need to clarify that I don’t have an insane amount of stuff- like not more than the average American- so please don’t picture me peeking out from behind piles of junk like a hoarder or anything). Okay, back to my closet….. so as I am purging my closet I realized WHY I am holding on to all these clothes (many of which I never wear or no longer fit). When I was a child, I lived with just my mom- (a single parent) she worked 2-3 jobs just to get us by. We did our shopping at thrift stores & garage sales which was totally fun as a young child & then totally mortifying as a high- schooler. I decided to take matters in my own hands & got a job at the age of 15 so I could buy ‘cool clothes’. Yep, I passed up the opportunity to play soccer, continue to run track  or play volleyball + many other fun events with my friends- just so that I could work full time through high school. Yep, 40hrs a week at a job doesn’t get you very good grades, but it does get you some cash to buy STUFF. So that’s what I did. My mom would continue to remind me how much those brand name things didn’t matter, but at the time I was consumed with trying to be cool (like most high schoolers are). Ahhh, the awesome influence of a high school…. we will save that discussion for another time. So what does this have to do with my current overflowing closet of clothes? It all comes down to these two things: abundance and trust. I was NOT trusting the universe to provide me with everything I needed (because in my eyes – it didn’t when I was a child) so I tightly grasped onto everything & anything I could get my hands on. Each item of clothing was assurance that I would never have to go without again. Pretty deep right? I know! I was totally expecting to shed tears of sadness during this down-size, but I actually wept with joy when I realized I am finally trusting the universe to give me EVERYTHING I need and that I will never be in lack if I live this way & just TRUST. In addition, I believe it goes full circle so by constantly giving & not grasping- I will always have enough.

I went through my entire closet in less than an hour and had absolutely NO problem with placing almost every item of clothing I had into the ‘sell pile’. WOW!!!!! I still cannot believe how easy it was!!!! Here are the results:

2014-07-15 08.53.50So this is just the hanging stuff, but as you can see I have seriously down-sized! And I totally surprised myself with what I wanted to keep. There are about 25 items on hangers here, but I will be going through them again before the move to see if I can get rid of a few more items. Not pictured are any of the bottoms- so of course I am keeping all of my workout pants (that’s pretty much all I wear) + a few shorts & jeans. I am also selling all of the clothes in the laundry baskets pictured below! I took these pics before I purged the dresser so these baskets are now overflowing with things to sell/give away.

photo 2I also want to show you an embarrassing pic, but this process is all about change + growth so here I go…. The pic below (where it looks like a bomb went off in my room)- is not just because I was cleaning/sorting in there yesterday. It has looked similar to this on & off throughout the entire time we have lived here (almost 3 years). I have too much stuff and when I have a bad ‘nothing fits’ day- it all ends up on the floor & because I am very busy- it will stay there until I can clean it up.

photo 1

I mean it’s not like I hate cleaning or anything, but I would obviously rather be doing something else like hanging out with my family. This is one of the reasons we are moving into a tiny house. We will not have to waste hours and hours per week cleaning. Think about it. How much time do you spend cleaning? And the more space you have = the more rooms there are to clean = the less time you are spending with family & the more stressed you are! If you work full time- this is nearly impossible to keep up with.

PHASE 1: sort, purge, pack, prepare

PHASE 2: sell, donate, evaluate

PHASE 3: prep our tiny house (painting, moving items inside, set up outdoor space etc)

PHASE 4: move in & ENJOY!

So there you have it! I better get back to purging- I will share more soon! <3


Downsizing News on the Homefront

SO, my last post was all about downsizing and moving into a small apartment. Well, I am here to report that we have decided to skip the small apartment & go right into an RV. Yep! That’s right- we are selling everything & buying our next home for less than $20,000. We intend on purchasing our new RV within the next month & if all goes well we will be living in it FT at a local RV park by September.  We just returned from a long  vacation & have already started the first phase of this exciting journey: Sorting. Uhm….. Not my favorite thing to do, but it has to be done. We are currently deciding what to sell via a garage sale, what to donate, what to keep, what might have to be stored (childhood memorabilia/ photo albums etc), and what to post on Craigslist etc- Wow! This is quite a mighty task! Which is why we are giving ourselves a little extra time to get it all figured out.

We have already received mixed feedback from friends and family- some people are confused, some are weirded out, some think we are crazy and some totally understand & want to join us! I love all the reactions + the fact that none of it changes my mind in the least. This is OUR dream and we are going to live it! Jude {my 4 yr old} also gets to have a say in the matter. Today, he helped me preview a few of the travel trailers. He picked one with a bunkhouse & mini couch for him- of course!  He also sorted through his mounds of toys to decide which ones he will donate. Jude is surprisingly not sad about giving things away, but it’s probably because he is uber is excited about what he will get once we are settled into our new home- a dog!!!

My dream:


Okay so it won’t look exactly like this because Airstream trailers like to the one pictured are SO SO expensive + this one is not nearly big enough, however I am excited about decorating our little outdoor area & eating dinner outside most nights!

I will also be participating in the Project 33 Challenge  to help me downsize my wardrobe. This challenge is exactly as it sounds- you pair down your wardrobe to only a total of 33 items of clothing/jewelry/shoes. I am really nervous about this, but also looking forward to it, because I will be ready in 1/2 the time with less clothing options to choose from! I have also started a ‘My Simple Life’ pinterest board with some pins that include some FUN small wardrobe ideas- check it out here –>

Thanks for sharing in my journey! I will keep you posted 🙂



Live More. Have Less.

I watched a very powerful TED talk awhile back and it changed my life. See it here –>

I realized after watching this 20 minute talk that I was not living free. Sure I am already living free in some ways but realized that my STUFF is really weighing me down. What is with ALL the stuff we collect? It seems we are being told the more STUFF you own the better and the bigger the house you can buy the better etc etc. I realized we (my husband & I) were all caught up in worrying about the next step we “should” be taking. Yikes! We are over 30 and we don’t own a home yet? What will people think? How can we make this ‘dream’ happen? Wait, do we even want a house? Is that our dream? Will that make us happy? Or is that just the next thing we are supposed to check off the  list?

Seriously, this has been a BIG wake up call for me. I had to get really honest with myself and admit that I really don’t want a huge house. Gasp! Is that okay? Well sure it it! This is MY life!! I want to build memories not collect mementos. I want to live more and have less.

I was thinking back to the way I grew up- I lived in a small apartment with my mom. Most of my friends had a house, but I don’t remember really caring about that. I feel I had a very unique and special relationship with my mom due to the fact that we shared such a small space together. Speaking of my mom, she grew up in a tiny farm house with 7 siblings and they all shared ONE bathroom. This type of living situation (although I’m sure it was annoying at times) creates strong relationships. It meant my mom and her siblings had to communicate and be close to one another- unlike today where people are home in the same house and don’t even realize it. Or perhaps they are sitting next to each other on the couch but they are on just staring at their iPhones.

Photo Jun 17, 2 18 36 PM

I just don’t like the way things are going and I want to make a change. We have decided to down-size. This summer our goal is to SIMPLIFY. We are moving out of our 1200 sq ft multi-level condo & into a 700 sq ft apartment. We are moving a bit farther northeast, for a more simple ‘country living’ feel.

I want my 4yr old son to value people over things. It’s important to me that he learns you CAN create a life you love- not a life according to the standards that someone else has set. No one else has to understand what we are doing. No one else has to understand why we live the way we live- as long as we are happy- this is EVERYTHING.

I found this amazing excerpt from

The more I focus on living, the less it seems I need.

What does it mean to focus on living? It’s a shift from caring about possessions and status and goals and beautiful things … to caring about actual life. Life includes: taking long walks, creating things, having conversations with friends, snuggling with my wife, playing with my kids, eating simple food, going outside and getting active.

That’s living. Not shopping, or watching TV, or eating loads of greasy and sweet food not for sustenance but pleasure, or being on the Internet, or ordering things online, or trying to get popular. Those things aren’t living – they’re consumerist pastimes that tend to get us caught up in overconsumption and mindlessness.

When I focus on living, all those other fake needs become less important. Why do I need television when I can go outside and explore, or get active, or take a walk with a friend? Why do I need to shop when I already have everything I need – I can spend time with someone or create, and I need very little to do that.

And needing little but getting lots of satisfaction … that’s immensely rewarding. It’s an economy of resources that I’ve never experienced before.

These days, I need nothing but my loved ones, a text editor, a way to post what I create, a good book, simple plant-based food, a few clothes for warmth, and the outdoors.

The people in your life matter. The SMALL things in your life matter. Not the BIG things or the amount of STUFF you have. Don’t believe me? Just check out the top 5 regrets of the dying –>  I don’t see anything on the list that even relates to material possessions. It seems people who are at the end of their lives wish they would have followed their dreams, not worked so hard and spent more time with their family. If you are always at work trying to pay for a giant house- you usually don’t have any time to enjoy it (or the people inside of it).

Stay tuned as I document the steps we are taking to simplify our lives. This transition to a smaller space is just the first step to achieving our family dream of living in a self-sustaining ‘tiny house’ on some land in the country someday. This is OUR dream to get back to nature and what really matters. I know it’s going to be hard but I am truly excited for the challenge.


More about the tiny house movement here –>


How I learned patience by living naturally


Confession: I used to be impatient. I am a recovering impatient person. It was really bad. I wanted things done RIGHT NOW. Don’t get me wrong- I still slip into my old ways of demanding my family members hurry up & getting irritated when things don’t happen NOW, but I am WAY WAY more patient than I have ever been in my life. I realized that I learned these lessons in patience when I begin living a more natural life. I know you might be thinking- what the heck does living naturally have to do with being patient? My answer EVERYTHING. Read on.

I ditched toxic chemicals. This means that I make some of my own soaps/ cleaners etc. Is it easier to just pick up some soap & cleaner form the store? Why YES it is, but instead I carve out time to make my own. Once I finish making a product or even just adding essential oils to some castile soap I purchased- it feels good to know that I am taking the time to make a safe & non-toxic product that I can use on a daily basis. Then next month when I run out, I will take the time to make more. It connects me to my health. My health is my responsibility & even just a small step like this can make me feel empowered to know that I can take charge of my health- in this small way- if I just take the time to do so.

I began cooking food from scratch. When I cook food from scratch I know exactly whats in it. Is it easier to cut corners & buy food that is pre-made? YES it is, but instead I take time to shop, prepare & cook things from scratch as much as possible. Is this a big pain in my ass? YES- sometimes it is, but the patient way is not always the easiest. Another lesson in patience + food is seasonal eating. When you eat seasonally,  you are eating what is fresh and meant to be consumed at that time of the year. Seasonal food tastes amazing! If you are eating foods that are not in season- then they are likely covered in chemicals and not very fresh. Waiting for your favorites to be back in season takes patience for sure.

I started doing yoga. If you have never tried yoga then I know exactly what you are thinking: skip ahead blah blah blah. I get it. I too once thought of yoga as a bunch of stretching & fluff. Something I had NO time for. I attended my first yoga class 10 or so years ago & hated how SLOW it was. I couldn’t stop the chatter in my mind during the whole class- thinking of what I should be doing instead and I how I should be going faster. I wasn’t very flexible at the time- so I wasn’t “good” at yoga. I quit. Who has time to do things that you are not good at? Certainly NOT the impatient me. Fast forward a few years. I felt called to do a yoga teacher training last year. I followed the call & entered into the training not having done much yoga at all since the time I quit about 10 years ago. Now let me just tell you- everyone in my training was very experienced. I panicked the first day. How can I teach something I can’t do? The answer PATIENCE. When everyone else was looking ‘perfect’- I was bending my knees. I modified the postures. This was very hard for me to do because the impatient me wanted to be able to do it NOW & initially wanted to just rush into trying the posture. However, I didn’t. Throughout the entire training I remained a ‘beginner’ and was SO overwhelmed with the AMAZING transformation I was able to make. I vowed to stay this beginner (learning nothing beyond what the training was teaching me) so that I could experience exactly what it felt like to be that new yoga student. The fear, the frustration, the impatience, the doubt, the confusion, the trust. It was exactly what I needed to go through to become the yoga teacher I am today. I needed to slow down. I needed to be patient with my body. Yoga taught me all that. Yoga continues to teach me valuable lessons in patience. Trying certain postures for months without success can be frustrating, but the old impatient me would have given up by now. In addition, I have learned lessons in patience through my students. Gently correcting their form & encouraging them to SLOW DOWN. To keep trying & stay patient. Even helping them work through some pretty serious injuries and health issues- patience is always the answer.

I started using essential oils. I admit, I was skeptical about trying the oils after reading all the claims & testimonies- it sounded too good to be true. The first time my son had a fever, I applied the peppermint oil to the bottoms of his feet and neck. The fever cam down a bit, but hovered right around 100 degrees. The impatient part of me wanted to reach for the tylenol to ‘knock the fever right out’- but because living naturally means exercising trust in the human body- I didn’t. Because the oils are natural and work with your body’s natural ability – the peppermint won’t take the fever completely away. Why? Because the fever is your body’s way of naturally fighting off whatever virus etc that has invaded. Peppermint essential oil will bring the fever down a bit, but will NOT eliminate it completely like Tylenol would. If you eliminate the fever then you just prolong the process. Your body needs the fever to heal itself. This is where the patience comes in. Breathe and trust that the body knows what to do and the less toxins/chemicals you put in it’s way- the better! This has been a serious lesson in patience for me.

We are living in a ‘NOW’ world. A world full of fast food and smart phones. We expect everything to be available to us NOW and that we should instantly be good at everything we try to do. What we really need to do? SLOW DOWN. Stop to love yourself just as you are. Take pride in being a beginner. Imagine yourself as a child and allow yourself to learn new things this way. Put down your phone. Give yourself a hug. Oh and….





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