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How to Extend the Life of Your Produce

No one likes wasting fruits and vegetables, yet the average family of four throws away as much as $600 worth of spoiled produce each year, according to the USDA (it’s not all that hard to imagine when an organic apple can cost $1.50). I discovered an easy way to preserve the edible life of your produce, so you have more time to consume it instead of having to toss it out! With this simple little product called BluApple, you can extend the storage life of produce by as much as threefold- it seriously works!!

51BkS65hLGLHOW BluApple works: by absorbing ethylene gas, which is given off naturally by fruits and vegetables. If ethylene gas builds up in your food storage area, it speeds the ripening process and accelerates ripening. Entrepreneur Timmy Chou, who founded BluApple, was inspired by the science applied for years to prevent spoilage in industrial environments like ocean liners, trucks and warehouses. He created a consumer product that makes use of the same non-toxic active ingredient (sodium permanganate). Each BluApple can absorb ethylene gas in a typical home refrigerator, produce bin or storage container for about three months (after that, refill packets are available). Simply place a BluApple where you keep your fruits and vegetables, and then sit back and enjoy them… for much longer. It’s totally safe & non-toxic- for a full video on how it works click HERE.

You can get BluApple at your local Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon. Be sure to pick one up so you can start extending the life of all your organic produce, reduce waste & save you money!

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Let’s Get Sweating!!

I know you have 10 excuses why you can’t workout, but how about 10 reasons why you SHOULD?


Need a workout?

Hold + Wait a minute

There you go! I am sure you can choose a handful of these reasons to get your booty up & moving!

Need some workouts to get you started? You are in luck!

I have a bunch of FREE printable workouts on my website. Just print + sweat then repeat.





In a previous blog post, I talked about life’s balance and how health is much more than just nutrition and exercise.  For true health and a balanced life we need to take care of our other needs one is our connection to others.  Whether you consider forgiveness spiritual, relationship or self-esteem it is an important part of emotional health and thereby physical as well.

The excerpt below is borrowed from a man who has been sending out love to everyone for a long time.  His blog is called “The Daily Love” and his name is Mastin Kipp.

The joy that comes from realizing that suffering in our lives comes from the meaning we have given it is unlimited. I am not saying that painful things in your past didn’t happen, but what I am saying is that they no longer have to be as painful. It’s not as easy as changing your mind once or twice. It takes work, and reps, like in the gym. Though if you try and try enough over time, new life and new meaning can emerge. One of the best ways I know how to do this is to take ourselves out of our own story and step into the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of the person who hurt us. Not so we can make right what they did, but so we can begin to understand the painful event from their point of view. As I have guided clients through this process, the outcomes have been amazing. Forgiveness shows up on a whole new level of themselves and other as well as from VERY traumatic events. The point of forgiveness is not to make right what happened, but to bring a new sense of empathy and compassion to all involved – this includes you.

The best way to get back at people who have hurt us is to forgive them, because that is how we break the bond over the painful event. From there, when we step into their shoes and consider how they must have been thinking and feeling, we begin to understand that their actions were not truly against us, but a request for Love or Significance in a very messed up way; that was the best way that they knew how to at that time.

From a SOUL perspective, we can claim ownership over the meaning we give that event, and no longer make it about how it hurt us, but about how they were hurt and our job is now to step into more Love and compassion and empathy, for them and for us. This takes us deeper and helps to bring clarity, resolution and forgiveness.

The words I am writing in this blog are easy to say and harder to do. It’s not as easy as reading The Daily Love and being done with it. My hope is that this blog can be a beginning point for you to start the journey of forgiveness, of empathy and of compassion, so that one day soon you will be set free of the chains that bind you from the past.”

–> “When we see things from the point of view of others, we realize that what they are doing as not against us but as an action to make up for the love they didn’t get. It’s that simple. In this realization, we can transcend the hurt and the pain because we realize it was never about us in the first place, and so the victim story can be replaced with the story of the hero who overcame the darkness in another with Love.” <–

I love what Mastin says here & needed to share it.  I believe that there is unbelievable healing in forgiveness.  Forgiving someone can take years of burden off your shoulders not to mention your soul.  It restores relationships, enables new beginnings and allows us to move on to better things.
How can you start practicing forgiveness right now? Do it for your health!

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9 Best Foods for Your Skin


  1. Almonds: loaded with Vitamin E, almonds protect your skin against sun damage.
  2. Flaxseeds: The Omega 3’s in flax help to erase fine lines and age spots.
  3. Sweet Potatoes: These taters are loaded with Vitamin C, which when consumed, act almost like collagen in its wrinkle smoothing abilities
  4. Spinach: The folate in dark, leafy greens like spinach help maintain and repair DNA, which may reduce the likelihood of cancer-cell growth
  5. Coconut Oil: Suffering from dry, itchy skin? The Omega 3 fatty acids in Coconut oil can be the best moisturizer
  6. Carrots: The Vitamin A found in carrots can boost eye health as well as clear up your skin from breakouts
  7. Green Tea: Green tea contains catechin, which has proven anti-inflammatory properties.
  8. Water: Hydrated skin keeps it looking supple and glowing
  9. Mango: The Vitamin A in mango helps repair flaky skin to a beautiful, smooth texture

Want glowing skin? Try a mix of green goodness to get the job done!

Green and Glowing Smoothie

1 cup cleaned spinach leaves, firm packed
1 cup cleaned kale, rough chop, firm packed
1 cup green seedless grapes
1 Bartlett pear, core, stem and seeds removed
1 orange, peeled and quartered
1 banana, peeled
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1⁄2 cup water
2 cups ice

Place all ingredients in blender and process on a low speed for 15 seconds, increase to medium, then high until well blended. Going green never tasted so good!


Work It Girl: Sweaty Sunday Challenge #1

workitgirlOK, it’s game time! I am challenging you to revamp your lazy Sundays. I am not talking about hours & hours of cardio but instead just a QUICK HIIT to help you sweat & prep for Summer! The addition of a quick & sweaty workout  + my Blend & Sculpt Virtual Challenge will get you prepped & ready for BIKINI SEASON- which will be here before we know it!

Let’s do this!!!!


Check back soon for another Sunday challenge!

Want to make this challenge even more fun? Grab a friend/your significant other & complete the challenge together.

I LOVE hearing from you + seeing proof that you are sweating so be sure to take some pics & tag @bodybybranda on Facebook & Instagram!

Want more Quick HIIT workouts? Click here! You can save these workouts as images to your phone/ipad or print them out & take them with you to the park or the gym etc– no excuses!!!!


Life’s Balance

Is your life feeling out of balance?

No matter what we use as criteria when it comes to experiencing balance in our lives, we have certain needs that need to be filled throughout our lives and the more balanced our fulfillment of these needs, the smoother our boat will sail and the closer to balance we will get.

The nutrition school I attended (IIN) calls it primary foods

Maslow called it a hierarchy of needs

Anthony Robbins called it a wheel

primary-foodsI call it a pie.

Whatever we call it, it all comes down to balance. If our life is not in balance then we are in trouble.

Self actualization (morality, creativity, problem solving
learning, lack of prejudice and acceptance of facts
Esteem (self esteem, confidence, respect) 
Love and belonging (friendship, family and intimacy) 
Safety (security of body, health, family, property, employment, resources and morality) 
Physiological (breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, excretion)

Everyone can rank these in a different order of importance. At the same time, we may each rank them differently at different times in our lives. What is certain? If one of the above is lacking and another is over emphasized, then we are out of balance.

Anthony Robbins does an exercise with a wheel representing career, physical, spiritual and financial. We have to rank each by “how it is going.” Visually we are able to see, for example, that we are doing great financially and physically, but perhaps not spiritually or career-wise. If we are out of balance, our wheel will not roll.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition calls it “primary foods.” Outside our triangle of nutrition is a circle that consists of relationship, spirituality, career and physical activity.

The truth is, we can fix what we eat.  We can eat more greens and get rid of processed foods, but if we don’t take care of the other areas of our life, we will still not experience balanced health and happiness. You can be completely healthy with your diet yet still feel imbalanced.


To help you see the topics more clearly, take a look at the following basic needs and ways of fulfillment.

Self Actualization (morality, creativity, problem solving, learning, lack of prejudice and an acceptance of facts)

  • Prayer, Thoughtfulness, Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Fun
  • Study
  • Spirituality
  • Contribution

Esteem (self esteem, confidence, respect)

  • Gratitude
  • Feelings

Love and Belonging (friendship, family and intimacy)

  • Relationship building
  • Caregiving
  • Forgiveness
  • Intimacy

Safety (security of body, health, family, property, employment, resources and morality)

  • Environmental safety
  • Health & well being
  • Job Security
  • Career growth
  • Financial empowerment
  • Environmental preservation
  • Ethics and morality

Physiological (breathing, environmental, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, excretion)

  • Clean air, meditation, breathing exercise
  • Environmental impact on health and well being through design (ex. bringing nature into the home, healthy light, smart space)
  • Nutrition
  • PH Balance
  • Probiotics
  • Losing  weight
  • Better Digestion
  • Super foods
    • Acai, Algae, Aloe Vera, Bee Products, Cacao, Camu Camu Berry, Chlorella, Coconut, Goji Berries, Hempseed, Incan Berries, Kelp, Maca, Marine Phytoplankton
  • Raw Nutrition
    • Juicing vs. Blending
    • Nuts and Seeds
    • Sprouts
    • Grasses
    • Seaweed
    • Roots
    • Mushrooms
    • Recipes
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Water, the amount and cleanliness
  • Intimacy as a physical need
  • Amount and quality of sleep
  • Digestion
  • Bodily function, sight, hearing, pain
  • Cleansing
  • Illness and healing

Create BALANCE in your life. Start now!


14 Secrets to Lose Weight & Never Find it

We live in a funny society.  We treasure slim, thin, skinny and we dole out mountains of processed snack, junk and fast foods.  We sit around and watch television instead of getting up and walking to the park or grocery store. In our society, it seems like it is a constant obsession to try to get fit yet all the time reverting back to the food and entertainment forms that are so prevalent. Every single family get together, every holiday, every celebration is centered on food and drink.  Most of the time gluttonous food and drink!

So, when we start to become unhappy with the way we look (no one associates their illness or sluggishness with food) we start cutting calories.  Every New Year the diet industry pulls out all the advertising plugs, because every New Year we resolve to lose all the weight we put on the years before.  Diet pills, replacement shakes, artificial sweeteners, surgeries, magazines and fad diets.  The problem is, these things all make our problem worse.  We may lose weight quickly at first but we lose muscle at the same time and then gain back all fat, which is not so good.

Then we are minus the muscle and plus more fat.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, look to people who have successfully done it.  You will notice that they did not use diet pills, meal replacement shakes or fad diets.


14 Proven ways to lose weight for good:

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Eat all day long
  3. Drink more water
  4. Eat at home
  5. Eat whole foods
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Get a good night’s sleep
  8. Get moving
  9. Keep a journal
  10.  Eat some good, high quality protein
  11.  Take a vitamin supplement
  12.  Eat more vegetables
  13.  Give up the “c”‘s (see below)
  14.  Do a kitchen makeover and get the unhealthy foods that tempt you out of your house.

What do you think of skipping the fad diets?  Throw away the diet pills!  (You can throw away your sleeping pills at the same time!  2 for 1!)  Start eating healthy!

If you want to lose weight, eat more green vegetables and less simple carbohydrates.  Give up the “C”‘s – cakes, cookies, candy and chips!  Once those are out of your house and your life you WILL lose weight.

This is what you eat!

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Small amounts of high quality protein
  • Small amounts of healthy fat (coconut oil, avocado)

*Quit going to McDonalds and Burger King and then come back and leave a comment (will probably take 24 hours to detox your body of the sugars and toxins) about how good you feel!

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