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Detox Your Life: Ditch headache meds forever!

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Did you know there are other options when you have a headache? I suffered from chronic headaches several years ago & used to take A LOT of Ibuprofen just to function! I was also given prescription meds, but luckily never started taking them. I want you to know there are other ways!!!! Essential oils are all natural & work WITH your body to not just treat the symptoms but find the root of the problem. Want to chat more about detoxing your life & using more natural options? To read more info + set up a 1:1 chat click here –>

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How I learned patience by living naturally

Confession: I used to be impatient. I am a recovering impatient person. It was really bad. I wanted things done RIGHT NOW. Don’t get me wrong- I still slip into my old ways of demanding my family members hurry up & getting irritated when things don’t happen NOW, but I am WAY WAY more patient… Continue Reading

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