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YES YOU CAN {tanks}

5667744_1     These tanks will be offered for a limited time only so order yours below!

(American Apparel Women’s Tri-Blend Tank )

Yes You Can Tanks

  • Price: $28.00 Quantity:

Coming Soon: BEST BOD

I am SO excited to roll out this program! Lots of options available including your choice of a completely virtual coaching program (includes online coaching/workout videos/meal plan) or an in-person training package created especially for locals (weekly 1:1 training in an outdoor setting/coaching/goal setting/meal plan). Or perhaps you want to get crazy fit with your best… Continue Reading

Try it Tuesday: Static Hold Workout

This workout is designed to challenge you by NOT moving but rather just holding in a static position. Use 8-10lb weights for the bicep curls. No weights? Use whatever you have- a baby, a dog, maybe some detergent bottles or soup cans? Get creative & get sweaty! Share this workout with friends & be sure… Continue Reading

How I learned patience by living naturally

Confession: I used to be impatient. I am a recovering impatient person. It was really bad. I wanted things done RIGHT NOW. Don’t get me wrong- I still slip into my old ways of demanding my family members hurry up & getting irritated when things don’t happen NOW, but I am WAY WAY more patient… Continue Reading

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