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I am SO excited to roll out this program! Lots of options available including your choice of a completely virtual coaching program (includes online coaching/workout videos/meal plan) or an in-person training package created especially for locals (weekly 1:1 training in an outdoor setting/coaching/goal setting/meal plan).

Or perhaps you want to get crazy fit with your best friend or group of friends (like your bridesmaids or co-workers)? We can rock out some small group training together so just ask for group rates!

My focus is making fitness super FUN- so even though you WILL push your limits; you will have so much fun doing it!

HOW TO GET MORE INFO: Complete the form below & I will be in touch with you shortly to discuss what type of fitness/nutrition program is best for YOU and when we can start working to achieve your goals.

PLEASE NOTE: I have a limited number of ‘BEST BOD’ coaching spots available- so it’s first come first serve.



Try it Tuesday: Static Hold Workout

try thisHold-+-Wait-a-minute

This workout is designed to challenge you by NOT moving but rather just holding in a static position. Use 8-10lb weights for the bicep curls. No weights? Use whatever you have- a baby, a dog, maybe some detergent bottles or soup cans? Get creative & get sweaty! Share this workout with friends & be sure to #sparklehard

Keep it Real,



The Chaturanga Explained

Confession: I almost quit yoga due to wrist pain a few years back. I could NOT complete an entire yoga practice without incredible pain in my wrists. At first I made excuses, because I had broken my left wrist 3x and my left elbow 2x in the past- I was convinced that yoga & me would just never be.

BUT, I was not ready to accept that fate when I entered into a Yoga Teacher Training last year. I am SO glad I didn’t give up because while in training I learned SO much! Most importantly, I learned the PROPER FORM for all the inversions and I spent A LOT of time on chaturanga. I was determined to master it so I stayed after each training and practiced with the instructors. By the end of the training I was able to assist & instruct the other teacher trainees into proper form as well as do it myself. It just clicked, felt right & guess what? NO PAIN!!!! {Happy Dance happens here}.

So, even if you don’t currently experience pain; you should check out this video! You might have one of the ‘bad chaturanga habits’ I talk about and can pick up on some new tips to try. In this video I explain proper form & alignment + explain how to modify the chaturanga (aka chaturanga dandasana or high to low push up) while you build up your strength. HAPPY SWEATING!





Cardio got you down? Just HIIT it!


Cardio ranks right up there with a trip to the gynecologist or a visit from your in- laws. I’m sure there’s a million other ways you’d rather spend your time! But you want to be fit and you want to be lean, so you do it. Right? I have to admit, I can’t stand spending a long amount of time on the treadmill- yawn! Good news is there is a much better way.

A FUN form of cardio that delivers twice the bang for its buck! I’m referring to high-intensity interval training (also known as HIIT). It will get you leaner and fitter faster without having to spend more time in the gym (not to mention its WAY more fun than hours on treadmill)!

HIIT is all about how you do your cardio. Rather than choosing an aerobic activity that you maintain at a steady pace for the duration of your workout—say 30 minutes on the elliptical—you alternate fast periods in which you work all-out with slower recovery intervals. In addition, you will work in and out of both aerobic & anaerobic which will help you increase your strength, muscle & endurance.

So that’s great, but HOW do I get started?
First of all, you will want to start slow. Choose a few of your favorite exercises let’s say you love squats, burpees & pushups (I know these happen to be YOUR personal favorites- right?). You would choose a number of rounds to complete so as a beginner I would recommend just 4 rounds of 30 seconds each exercise to start, but as you gain strength you can build up to more rounds at 1 minute each exercise. It would look like this (keep in mind this is very basic):
Beginner –> Do  30 sec pushups, 30 sec burpees, 30 sec pushups as fast as you can!!! Take 10-20 sec rest  & then repeat that same thing again (including the rest) for a total of 4 rounds.
As you get stronger you will want to increase the time you complete each exercise to 45 sec or 1 minute etc and also increase the number of rounds. You will of course be choosing all different kinds of exercises too. Some cardio, some strength, and some core. You can create different HIIT workouts too – try all lower body moves or just upper body etc.
Here are some HIIT workouts to get you started! 
We are always HIITing it over in my Busy Babes Online Boot Camp- give this Core workout a try!

Want access to more videos like these? Come sweat with us online! For just $20/mo I plan an entire month’s worth of HIIT workouts for you + give you access to all the online workout videos, weekly motivation & virtual coaching. The best part is: ALL of the workouts are less than 20 minutes long! HIIT rocks because it allows you to get awesome results with shorter sweat sessions- SO perfect for Busy Babes! Read more about how you can get fit online on your own time here.


*Some of the awesome HIIT facts above provided by Shannon Clark on

Warm it up B! I’m about to….

I have a sneaking suspicion that many of you are skipping your pre- workout warm up…. Is it true?

My Busy Babe Online Boot Campers already know better because I remind them daily, but I also teach at a local gym and rarely see anyone warming up before they dive into their daily workout! Keep in mind that a pre-workout warm up does not have to be anything extensive &  doesn’t have to take a  a whole lot of time. Also, it should NOT contain any type of static stretches (holding a stretch for a 3-5 breaths)- save those types of stretches for AFTER your workout. The video below is an example of a quick & easy way you could warm up! A quick lil warm up like this is designed to just get your heart rate going & warm up some of your large muscles. Keep in mind that if you have asthma or plan to do a longer workout you should extend your warm up to be a bit longer.

Need a kick in the pants to start eating healthy & exercise?

Click the pic below to join the Fit for Fall Online {fitness + food} Challenge! A new season is the perfect time to reboot your habits & focus on putting your best boot forward!

Challenge starts OCTOBER 13th!


How I learned patience by living naturally


Confession: I used to be impatient. I am a recovering impatient person. It was really bad. I wanted things done RIGHT NOW. Don’t get me wrong- I still slip into my old ways of demanding my family members hurry up & getting irritated when things don’t happen NOW, but I am WAY WAY more patient than I have ever been in my life. I realized that I learned these lessons in patience when I begin living a more natural life. I know you might be thinking- what the heck does living naturally have to do with being patient? My answer EVERYTHING. Read on.

I ditched toxic chemicals. This means that I make some of my own soaps/ cleaners etc. Is it easier to just pick up some soap & cleaner form the store? Why YES it is, but instead I carve out time to make my own. Once I finish making a product or even just adding essential oils to some castile soap I purchased- it feels good to know that I am taking the time to make a safe & non-toxic product that I can use on a daily basis. Then next month when I run out, I will take the time to make more. It connects me to my health. My health is my responsibility & even just a small step like this can make me feel empowered to know that I can take charge of my health- in this small way- if I just take the time to do so.

I began cooking food from scratch. When I cook food from scratch I know exactly whats in it. Is it easier to cut corners & buy food that is pre-made? YES it is, but instead I take time to shop, prepare & cook things from scratch as much as possible. Is this a big pain in my ass? YES- sometimes it is, but the patient way is not always the easiest. Another lesson in patience + food is seasonal eating. When you eat seasonally,  you are eating what is fresh and meant to be consumed at that time of the year. Seasonal food tastes amazing! If you are eating foods that are not in season- then they are likely covered in chemicals and not very fresh. Waiting for your favorites to be back in season takes patience for sure.

I started doing yoga. If you have never tried yoga then I know exactly what you are thinking: skip ahead blah blah blah. I get it. I too once thought of yoga as a bunch of stretching & fluff. Something I had NO time for. I attended my first yoga class 10 or so years ago & hated how SLOW it was. I couldn’t stop the chatter in my mind during the whole class- thinking of what I should be doing instead and I how I should be going faster. I wasn’t very flexible at the time- so I wasn’t “good” at yoga. I quit. Who has time to do things that you are not good at? Certainly NOT the impatient me. Fast forward a few years. I felt called to do a yoga teacher training last year. I followed the call & entered into the training not having done much yoga at all since the time I quit about 10 years ago. Now let me just tell you- everyone in my training was very experienced. I panicked the first day. How can I teach something I can’t do? The answer PATIENCE. When everyone else was looking ‘perfect’- I was bending my knees. I modified the postures. This was very hard for me to do because the impatient me wanted to be able to do it NOW & initially wanted to just rush into trying the posture. However, I didn’t. Throughout the entire training I remained a ‘beginner’ and was SO overwhelmed with the AMAZING transformation I was able to make. I vowed to stay this beginner (learning nothing beyond what the training was teaching me) so that I could experience exactly what it felt like to be that new yoga student. The fear, the frustration, the impatience, the doubt, the confusion, the trust. It was exactly what I needed to go through to become the yoga teacher I am today. I needed to slow down. I needed to be patient with my body. Yoga taught me all that. Yoga continues to teach me valuable lessons in patience. Trying certain postures for months without success can be frustrating, but the old impatient me would have given up by now. In addition, I have learned lessons in patience through my students. Gently correcting their form & encouraging them to SLOW DOWN. To keep trying & stay patient. Even helping them work through some pretty serious injuries and health issues- patience is always the answer.

I started using essential oils. I admit, I was skeptical about trying the oils after reading all the claims & testimonies- it sounded too good to be true. The first time my son had a fever, I applied the peppermint oil to the bottoms of his feet and neck. The fever cam down a bit, but hovered right around 100 degrees. The impatient part of me wanted to reach for the tylenol to ‘knock the fever right out’- but because living naturally means exercising trust in the human body- I didn’t. Because the oils are natural and work with your body’s natural ability – the peppermint won’t take the fever completely away. Why? Because the fever is your body’s way of naturally fighting off whatever virus etc that has invaded. Peppermint essential oil will bring the fever down a bit, but will NOT eliminate it completely like Tylenol would. If you eliminate the fever then you just prolong the process. Your body needs the fever to heal itself. This is where the patience comes in. Breathe and trust that the body knows what to do and the less toxins/chemicals you put in it’s way- the better! This has been a serious lesson in patience for me.

We are living in a ‘NOW’ world. A world full of fast food and smart phones. We expect everything to be available to us NOW and that we should instantly be good at everything we try to do. What we really need to do? SLOW DOWN. Stop to love yourself just as you are. Take pride in being a beginner. Imagine yourself as a child and allow yourself to learn new things this way. Put down your phone. Give yourself a hug. Oh and….





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Let’s Get Sweating!!

I know you have 10 excuses why you can’t workout, but how about 10 reasons why you SHOULD?


Need a workout?

Hold + Wait a minute

There you go! I am sure you can choose a handful of these reasons to get your booty up & moving!

Need some workouts to get you started? You are in luck!

I have a bunch of FREE printable workouts on my website. Just print + sweat then repeat.