The Chaturanga Explained

Confession: I almost quit yoga due to wrist pain a few years back. I could NOT complete an entire yoga practice without incredible pain in my wrists. At first I made excuses, because I had broken my left wrist 3x and my left elbow 2x in the past- I was convinced that yoga & me would just never be.

BUT, I was not ready to accept that fate when I entered into a Yoga Teacher Training last year. I am SO glad I didn’t give up because while in training I learned SO much! Most importantly, I learned the PROPER FORM for all the inversions and I spent A LOT of time on chaturanga. I was determined to master it so I stayed after each training and practiced with the instructors. By the end of the training I was able to assist & instruct the other teacher trainees into proper form as well as do it myself. It just clicked, felt right & guess what? NO PAIN!!!! {Happy Dance happens here}.

So, even if you don’t currently experience pain; you should check out this video! You might have one of the ‘bad chaturanga habits’ I talk about and can pick up on some new tips to try. In this video I explain proper form & alignment + explain how to modify the chaturanga (aka chaturanga dandasana or high to low push up) while you build up your strength. HAPPY SWEATING!