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Detox Your Life: Healthy Chocolate Swap

This is the time of year that we NEED to talk about chocolate! First, take a deep breathe. I would never tell you to stop eating chocolate because let’s be honest- it’s amazing BUT I do want you to chose a cleaner healthier version.   Rule #1– NO milk chocolate period. Why? It lacks any… Continue Reading

Detox Your Life: Healthy Oil Swap

Do you cook with vegetable/canola oils? It’s time to make the healthy swap to coconut oil. Many people think that cooking oils like corn, soy, safflower, sunflower and canola are good for their health just because they’re made from vegetables or plants. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, these oils are probably… Continue Reading

How I learned patience by living naturally

Confession: I used to be impatient. I am a recovering impatient person. It was really bad. I wanted things done RIGHT NOW. Don’t get me wrong- I still slip into my old ways of demanding my family members hurry up & getting irritated when things don’t happen NOW, but I am WAY WAY more patient… Continue Reading

9 Best Foods for Your Skin

Almonds: loaded with Vitamin E, almonds protect your skin against sun damage. Flaxseeds: The Omega 3’s in flax help to erase fine lines and age spots. Sweet Potatoes: These taters are loaded with Vitamin C, which when consumed, act almost like collagen in its wrinkle smoothing abilities Spinach: The folate in dark, leafy greens like… Continue Reading

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