My Goal: to live in an RV for one year.

Ok, so I feel kinda bad for not sharing this sooner BUT I’ve really been soaking up the benefits of living small and just finally got around to writing this. I am actually surprised at myself because I thought I’d want to blog & share EVERYTHING about our tiny house living adventure, but it’s actually been quite the opposite. This great adventure of ours has been so meaningful that I’ve been wanting to keep it mostly to myself. But, it’s time to share all about LIVING SMALL.

A little Re-Cap on how we got into Tiny House Living:

In July of 2014 we decided to sell everything we own and move from our condo (1200 square ft) to a ‘tiny house’ aka RV (300 square feet). It happened SO fast. I thought of the idea one day and then just a few days later we set it into motion. I started planning the steps to make it happen & then BOOM- there we were buying our very own RV & moving in. One thing about me is that I don’t like to just talk about great ideas. I like to take great ideas & make them come alive (luckily my husband is on board with this- too). 

Let me also just add- that neither me or my husband had ever owned an RV or had much experience taking care of one- so this has been a super funny & sometimes gross part of the adventure. (I will spare you the poopy stories or rather save them for another time.)

My Goal: to live in an RV for one year.

My Hopes: to eliminate all distraction and focus on what really matters. To teach my four year old son that you don’t need things to be happy.

My Fears: that we would all hate it. That we would miss our condo and all of the items we sold. That we wouldn’t have enough water pressure to shower.

UPDATE: So now that we have been living in our tiny house RV for about 6 months……

My Loves: 

-It only takes about 20 minutes total to clean our entire house.

-We are always close to one another. Close quarters means we cozy up ALL the time.

-Small inside space means lots of outdoor time! We are always outside and taking adventures in the area and/or sitting by our fire pit.

-Its like we are Glamping or ‘forever camping’ as I like to call it. The hippy in me loves this.

-We are living much more consciously- as we keep track of all of our energy, water & propane usage very closely.

-We don’t regret selling or miss any of the things we sold. Jude occasionally mentions missing his power wheels truck but that’s about it

*Ok because I like to keep it real I also want to share the not-so glamorous things about full time RV living……

My Struggles:

– NO DISHWASHER. This is a huge annoyance especially because I mostly work from home & we eat almost every meal at home- so there is always a ton of dishes. I love cooking but the dishes sometimes deter me from wanting to go on new recipe making adventures.

– Waiting for hot water. If you want to shower then you better plan to turn the hot water on 30 minutes prior. If you want to do dishes- the same. We could leave the hot water on all the time but its costly so instead we plan ahead & flip it on and just wait.

-The sewage. Even though my husband handles most of the tank emptying duties- there are still many issues with clogs (need to get special toilet paper, can’t use too much etc etc). We are up close & personal with our poopy a little more than I would prefer 🙂

Take a tour of our Tiny House below:

Stay tuned for more tiny house adventure stories!

Keep it Real,