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I have been teaching this program to my 1:1 clients + offering it via local workshops/classes- so I am extremely excited to present it here {virtually} to YOU! My Clean Eating Boot Camp is a 21-day unique program designed to virtually kick your booty {aka teach you} EVERYTHING you need to know about clean eating. I’ve been teaching these clean eating principles for several years and have compiled everything into a step by step clean eating program. I personally coach you on EXACTLY how to get started and how to succeed. In this Clean Eating Boot Camp I share my favorite brands + teach you how to replace current foods that you are eating with clean foods (your sweetheart/kids/friends/family probably won’t even notice)! I also provide lots of answers to all the frequently asked questions (FAQ) in this one of a kind clean eating boot camp!

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You might be thinking -> “What does my food have to do with my quality of life?” or perhaps you just think I am an extreme health nut trying to sell you yet another ‘diet’ program. I promise you neither of these is true (well except that I AM a health nut). I’m really passionate about helping people understand that food is the answer to almost all of their problems. For example: if you are eating an acidic diet (not well balanced) then you might experience arthritic symptoms like joint pain or stiffness- this is caused by inflammation inside your body, but you may never link those two things together & instead start seeing a doctor to figure out what is wrong. Your doctor is not trained in nutrition so he will prescribe you an anti-inflammatory med and you will end up spending a lot of money on these drugs + spend a lifetime living with pain and taking meds. <—See what I mean? It’s a vicious cycle that I don’t want YOU to get stuck in. Let’s create a new ending to that story by just tweaking your diet a bit to include more greens and less sugar. Just by eating more balanced meals and understanding the importance of your ph level- you can reverse any inflammation on your body resulting in no more stiffness or pain! I have seen it again and again- REAL FOOD HEALS! You might think “I am eating pretty healthy already”- this may be true, however I am willing to bet you will learn a handful of NEW things in Clean Eating Boot Camp that will take your health to the next level! Perhaps you are thinking “I eat SO unhealthy, there is no way I can do this”- if this is you then let out a sigh of relief- because you are in the right place! I will teach you everything you need to know and make it almost impossible to go back to the way you were eating after taking this program. Knowledge is power and I am ready to drop a huge knowledge bomb + light a fire under your booty!

step by steplettersHow does Clean Eating Boot Camp work? Once you have registered, you will receive an email with your coaching schedule + EVERYTHING you need to get started. Includes: the clean eating boot camp guide, shopping lists, meal plan, my insider info on weight loss, the do’s & don’ts list, approved brands, lazy ways to eat clean + 3 recorded coaching sessions with yours truly (certified holistic health coach).  You can listen to it at your own convenience. Each week you will be assigned specific goals and I will be holding you accountable to follow through on these goals. Right after our first call together you will be able to start applying the clean eating principles so within just a few short days, you will be eating clean & enjoying all the benefits!

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Virtual Clean Eating Boot Camp is unlike any other program out there because it is designed to teach you the WHYS of clean eating and weight loss not just the HOWS. I share all of my juicy secrets, favorite brands, a shopping list +resources to make this process easy peasy!

weightlossworkds onlyI want to make sure you understand that this is NOT just another diet. After you complete Clean Eating Boot Camp, you will understand that this is a pretty simple way of eating. A clean eating lifestyle is one that you can sustain for the rest of your life. Diets on the other hand, are short term because they are restrictive and compete against our own free will! No one wants to be told they can only drink juice for 12 days straight or they have to completely give up their favorite foods forever. I love clean eating because it makes sense, its not restrictive and you can find ways to keep eating the same types of meals you love by creating cleaner versions!

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So are you ready to ‘get clean’? I hope so- because changing your food is the start of changing your life! I know my life sure changed when I began eating clean about 6 years ago. It has been such an incredible journey and I am STILL learning new things everyday. You NEED this information, not just for weight loss and nutrition purposes, but to protect yourself and your family from disease causing chemicals in food.

IN A NUTSHELL –> You get a 21 day clean eating program guide that includes everything you need to start eating clean and changing your ways (pdf guides and resources valued at $99) + an easy to follow clean eating meal plan (valued at $49) AND you will gain access to 1 recorded training each week (total of 3) with Branda (certified holistic health coach) valued at $99. 


*Group Clean Eating program is currently closed but individual Clean Eating coaching is OPEN!

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