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empowerednutritionsolutionsI’m excited to offer the following Empowered Nutrition Solutions for Fitness Trainers!

Are you a bad ass fitness instructor or fit biz owner who is super knowledgable on exercising & workout design, but somewhat lacking in the nutrition department? I’ve been there! Or perhaps you know your nutrition, but are just too darn busy to write up a nutrition program & meal plans for your clients. I can help! I am a fit biz owner + a fitness instructor with a HUGE passion for nutrition. I created my ‘Clean Eating Boot Camp’ program out of a need for a kick ass Clean Eating 101 training type program for my clients. In addition, I have spent countless hours creating & designing meal plans- and I want to share them with YOU {the fab fitness trainer}! I will help YOU to remain the nutrition expert & go-to person for your clients- by providing you the tools & behind the scenes training you need.


My Clean Eating Boot Camp & meal plans will take all the hassle out of the nutrition aspect of your fitness program/business- which means you get to spend more time kicking’ booty with your clients!


I’ve been using Branda’s Empowered Nutrition Solutions for trainers for 6 months and am really satisfied and happy with the results. The Clean Eating Bootcamp maps out a manageable transition for those new to clean eating as well as provides areas for everyone to improve on and learn about. I feel like each time I go through it with clients I step up my own game.
Branda’s meal plans are awesome and I can trust that what she recommends and designs is created with great knowledge of nutrition. I feel that my business has benefited from using Branda’s resources and I look forward to continuing the relationship. – Tiffany (owner/instructor at Balanced Fitness for Moms)



virtual clean eating boot camp

Clean Eating Boot Camp:

The perfect way to deliver all the clean eating 101 info your clients need, but in an easy & effective way that makes sense for YOU. This program is designed to be 3 weeks long (altough I have squeezed it all into a 3-hr workshop before- so you can decide exactly how you would like to deliver it). You have the ability to use this program virtually & in-person (I will train you on how)- it works really well both ways! Ideally spanning it out to allow your clients to let the info soak in & learn new things bit by bit (which will add up to a big change) but is also less overwhelming. I have personally seen that the info ‘sticks’ better & results are better with this format.

What you get: the complete Clean Eating Boot Camp guide (3-weeks worth of info- includes EVERYTHING your clients need to convert their ways of eating + bonus info on things like ph-level, super greens, hydration, portion size etc) , a Keepin’ It Real Guide (a conversion guide that includes brand recommendations, instead of this try this, clean eating for kiddos info, eating on the run guide (how to be prepared on the go + how to order at restaurants, a shopping guide, a bit on embracing change and always having a plan- also includes my Costco & Trader Joes shopping lists, a blank shopping list & meal planner.

In addition to the above mentioned: you will get 3 recordings to study from (3 actual classes I recorded) + an optional 30 minute coaching/training session where I can answer all your questions/help you prepare to roll out this program to your clients.

One Time Price (for unlimited copyrighted use of this program by trainers): $249.00

Clean Eating Boot Camp for Trainers

  • Price: $249.00

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Fit for Fall: This autumn inspired meal plan contains a shopping list, meal planner and lots of yummy superfoods recipes — all designed to help you choose + eat locally. You & your client’s are gonna love this meal plan because it includes recipes for healthier versions of the stuff you might be grabbing for this time of year {think pumpkin spice lattes & sweet treats}. Plus lots of clean eating comfort foods, smoothies, snacks, dinners and salads- these are recipes you will definitely continue to use over & over again.

Fab Fall Feedback:

“The best work I’ve ever done in my kitchen is during Body by Branda’s virtual challenges & meal plans. I want to share my little collage and express my gratitude. I learned a lot during the Fit for Fall Challenge and tried new foods that I loved. I will definitely continue to use these recipes regularly. Thank you Branda Schrader for another awesome meal plan!” (Nicki in Lakeside, CA)

One Time Price (for unlimited copyrighted use of meal plan by trainers):$150

Fit for Fall Meal Plan for Trainers

  • Price: $150.00


Eat Clean & Green Meal Plan + 3 Day Detox

 I’m all about a clean diet, but I am even more into a GREEN diet. We all know greens are good for us, but how many of us are really eating enough of them?The Eat Clean & Green meal plan comes with a break-down of the principles of what foods to eat & the importance of WHEN to eat them. You will learn how to incorporate more greens and green smoothies into your day. You will personalize your own weekly meals by choosing from the recipes provided. The optional 3-day mini-detox allows you to give your digestive system a break, cleanse your system of sugar/toxins, and give your body a fresh start at healthy eating! The Eat Clean & Green meal plan is gluten free & dairy free. Many people’s digestion is irritated in one way or the other by gluten & dairy, but they do not even realize it! The Eat Clean & Green meal plan allows you to eliminate these two items from your diet for 8 weeks. You might realize that your body feels amazing without them. Bye bye bloating, constipation, headaches, and lack of energy! *The Eat Clean & Green meal plan is a great place to start if you are looking to change your diet!

Note: This meal plan + mini detox contains plenty of recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

One Time Price (for unlimited copyrighted use of meal plan by trainers): $169

Eat Clean & Green for Trainer Use

  • Price: $169.00


Little Green Bikini Boot Camp Meal Plan + BONUS Guides

Body by Branda

This is more of a package deal because you get so much more than just a meal plan! You will get access to the Little Green Bikini Boot Camp branded Detox 101 guide, Cravings Buster Guide, Green Smoothie Guide (a step by step guide on how to create healthy smoothies + recipes), Superfoods 101 guide & a month of meals planned out into 4 weekly menu plans (using recipes from the meal plan). These recipes are uber lean & green which makes them perfect for Spring & Summer. Abs are made in the kitchen so get your clients headed in the right direction with this fab meal plan!

Note: This meal plan + mini detox contains plenty of recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Little Green Bikini Meal Plan Feedback:

-“I just really enjoy not being in a food coma after I eat, and instead feel really energized. I feel like I eat like a KING (tons of food) but yet am losing weight! This was a great learning process for me and I enjoyed it!”

-“I definitely enjoyed the meal plan. It helped me to experiment more with foods and I learned I like more veggies then I thought.”

-“I have loved the meal plan & it has completely changed the way I eat & view food. Seeing people eating junk…kinda repulses me now! I think I’m down about 5 lbs…and clothes are fitting wonderfully. I will be keeping up this way of living!”

-“I love this way of eating! I don’t feel swollen anymore and that is amazing. I LOVE the smoothies! I feel ten times better after I have one. It’s like my taste buds have changed. And finally, I have lost 4lbs. Thanks Branda!!!”

-“I have so much more energy and I feel more in control of my eating, it helps immensely to plan things out.

One Time Price (for unlimited copyrighted use of meal plan by trainers): $219

Little Green Bikini Boot Camp Meal Plan for Trainers

  • Price: $219.00


COMING SOON: Blend & Sculpt: Fab Ab ‘Sculpt’ Guide + ‘Blend’ Recipe Book (includes weekly shopping list & calendars)

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