Drink Green & Get Lean


The #1 question I get asked is “how do I get started with green smoothies or juicing?” or “how can I incorporate more greens into my diet?” This smoothie + juice guide tells all!


 Have you been wondering which one is better- smoothies or juice? Read all about the great debate in this guide + choose which one is best for you. If you don’t currently own a juicer- don’t sweat it! A blender is really the only equipment you need (you can juice in a blender and strain the pulp if needed).

GREEN SMOOTHIES are a staple in my diet.

They keep me feeling lighter, brighter, ‘going’ regularly (thank you fiber) and  super energized.

Ready to jumpstart your health, lose weight & gain natural energy?


Click here to download the pdf version of this guide. My FREE gift to you!

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