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Why is it that when life gets busy our fitness routine is always the first thing to be put on the back burner? It’s ironic because in times of great stress- we absolutely NEED to workout & take care of ourselves! This is exactly why I created Busy Babes Boot Camp. We all go through times of being extremely busy and times when we are just simply not motivated to workout. Truth: we all have the same 24hrs in a day & CAN find the time to ‘have it all’. Life is too short to be unhappy with your body.  When you join Busy Babes Boot Camp you are joining a group of babes from all over the country that are super BUSY just like you, but together we will work to eliminate ALL excuses.

Sure you can take a 6-week boot camp session at your local park & get some really awesome results, but then what? It’s pretty much impossible for most people to maintain an intense level of focus on their fitness year-round- especially if you are a busy professional or a mom.

This is where my Busy Babes Boot Camp comes in! We will take time to re-establish your goals every month- so that you can make the absolute best use of your workout time. Let’s face it, one month your goal might be to just squeeze in one workout per week, but then the following month you might have a wedding to attend or a vacation planned & need to ‘hit it hard’ to tone up & see results for that month. Busy Babes Boot Camp is a flexible program that will ‘be there for you’ to help you maintain when you really don’t have much time to commit & then help you challenge yourself to do more when you need more results. No more feeling like a failure when you have to slow down your fitness routine. Instead you can feel empowered to reach the goals that YOU set depending on what is going on in YOUR life!

I will coach you through your ‘roller coaster’ of fitness needs & help you to: establish effective goals + require you to check in with these goals, help you squeeze a fitness routine into your busy life, show you how to make fitness fun & enjoyable vs something you hate & dread, give you ideas on how to get the whole family involved and most importantly- I will ensure that you are completing each exercise with proper form to avoid injury.

This is not some fad fitness trend. Busy Boot Camp will provide you with FUNctional workouts to keep you focused on getting fit & staying fit!

How does Busy Babes Boot Camp work? Once you become a member you will gain access to the private Facebook forum + the monthly ‘Busy Babe’ Fitness calendar, videos & materials. All of these items will make up your complete fitness program. Follow it & you will see results!

How long are the workouts? The workout videos are designed with busy babes in mind so they are quick & to the point (anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes). The videos are accessible on your smart phone, ipad or laptop- so all you need to do is schedule your YOU time & press play!

What kind of workouts will I be doing? I am all about high intensity interval training (HIIT) because of the amazing results it brings about, but HIIT workouts should be limited to 2-3x per week to allow your body to recover in between. For this reason, Busy Babes Boot Camp offers a mix of different workouts to help ‘cross train’ your body & always keep things fresh & fun. This means in addition to HIIT workouts you will see workouts that include: tabata, circuit training, pilates, yoga (I am a certified yoga instructor), strength training, plyometrics, body weight workouts, specialty focused training & much more! Not sure what some of these things even are? No worries- NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Everyone starts somewhere & I am excited to be your fitness expert & teach you all you need to know.

Is Busy Babes Boot Camp right for me? The program was designed specifically for… women of all shapes/sizes who want to be healthy + fit, but need some help staying motivated & committed to their healthy lifestyle. Since Busy Babes Boot Camp is virtual, it’s ideal for busy professionals & moms. Need a little kick in the pants to actually start working out instead of just pinning workouts on Pinterest? This program is for you.

What equipment do I need to participate? You do not need any fancy equipment for Busy Babes Boot Camp! In fact, I will show you how to make your own fitness equipment on the cheap & use random items around your house to get fit with.

Why did you start Busy Babes Boot Camp? I teach fitness classes in my local community & I am always getting emails/messages from busy babes all over the country bummed that they cannot attend my classes. Also, several of my local clients have moved away, but wanted a way to keep doing my workouts. So I decided it’s time to create an at-home virtual fitness program. And THIS IS IT! Busy Babes Boot Camp is an amazing yet affordable option to get fit + stay fit in the comfort of your own home & on your own time.

So to re-cap:

  • Whats included: an intro monthly workout calendar, corresponding workout videos + online support to keep you motivated and on track! {There will also be an option to add clean eating meal plans & health coaching services}.
  • Dates: JOIN ANYTIME! This boot camp will be offered monthly- so each month you will be emailed your workouts/calendar. If you join later in the month you can just hop right in & start from whatever date you join us!
  • Price: $20/mo –> Yep, that’s it!

Check out this EXAMPLE WORKOUT:


Take a look at all the super sweaty fun will be having in June! Join us!

JUNE Workouts bob

How to Register: Click the ‘yes, sign me up” button to process your first Busy Babes Online Boot Camp membership payment. Once your your first payment has been submitted you will receive a FB request from me (BRANDA SCHRADER) and once it’s accepted I can add you into the Facebook forum. This is where you will gain access to all of the videos/materials & can start sweating ASAP!

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(If your name is different on Facebook then please shoot me an email with your correct name/info so I can find you on Facebook & add you into our private membership forum). bodybybranda@gmail.com

*Please note: my online programs/challenges are not open to CKO members

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