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youreallycanSlide1~Meranda {mom of 2}- Total Weight Loss 20lbs.

“Branda’s Boot Camp program has been a life changing experience for me. It has helped me gain confidence in my body. It has helped me to lose weight and gain strength I never thought I could do. I have learned  to eat healthier for me and also my family. Most importantly it has taught me that as a mom it is ok to take time for myself and that I need to make me a priority not just for me but for my family. Branda’s program has changed my life in so many ways and I am so thankful I joined when I did!” 


~Jamie {mom of twins} –  Total weight loss 19lbs.

” Branda’s program is more than just a work out, its me time.  It is one hour in my busy day where I can focus on taking care of myself, which is what this program is about.   The program has taught me how to eat right, grocery shop wisely and even conquer unhealthy choices when eating out.  Ive also created a healthier lifestyle for my family.  Branda is truly an inspiration.  She makes us shake, sweat and pushes us beyond our limit, but her encouragement makes you WANT to fight for the goals you set in the beginning, and she makes you love every minute. She knows just what to say, at just the right time, encouraging us to perform beyond our best.  I love this program, for how it makes me feel, look, and the confidence it brings to my life.”  


“Thanks for the life coaching Branda. I owe you everything!

“I bought this beautiful pair of jeans after the 8 week boot camp I did last year with Branda. I couldn’t fit them at the time, but I knew I soon would. I got pregnant and had them hanging in my closet for inspiration. My goal was to fit in them by spring. Since all my close are fitting looser now I longingly started at them wanting to wear them. I decided to “check in” with them to see how far I had left. Tried them on .. And they not only fit, but were loose! I wore those beautiful jeans all day, super proud of how far I’ve come. Almost 2 years with Branda’s help now and she has changed my life! She probably wouldn’t tell you this, but she helped me kick cancer’s ass by changing my diet, helped me clean up my life and health by riding toxins so I could finally carry a pregnancy, and now .. Skinny jeans! Her energy is amazing! Always just the right amount. Very caring and understanding but her workouts are lethal! Anyone who is wanting and willing to make a lifestyle change but doesn’t know where to start .. Start here! You won’t be disappointed!” –Melanie



– Hillary~ (mother of 1) Total weight loss= 30lbs

“I feel amazing and healthy and haven’t been this small or in this good of shape probably ever! It’s crazy to look in the mirror and be satisfied, not wanting to lose more and more weight. I don’t think I’ve EVER been in this place. Anyway, just wanted to thank u for your support and knowledge and ideas…I would NOT be here if I started alone! You are 100% absolutely amazing!”    


 Healthy Lifestyle Coaching:

“Health coaching with Branda has changed me in so many positive ways, and I am only half way through a 6 month program!! I think more about food and how my body reacts, I have learned about non-food rewards, thinking more positively about myself, and 6 lbs lost! It might not sound like a lot, but the other changes in me have been so positive that I know I will be able to lose more weight. There is SO much great information that Branda gives you and is there to support you the entire way. I wasn’t sure at first if this was for me, I have had issues with food for the past 5-6 years of my life (or maybe it is just now catching up to me), I don’t exercise, and I am the heaviest I have ever been. I didn’t think that I could change how I emotionally dealt with food as it felt almost like an addiction (which it is in some instances!!). This health coaching with Branda has changed who I am today and hopefully who I am forever!! Thank you!” – Emily

READ ME! Countdown 4 days till the end of this challenge and till my 30TH BIRTHDAY. My husband got me a health coaching package with Branda Schrader as an early gift for my upcoming birthday. I started around March every other week. My goal was to be happier in my relationships and with myself. In the beginning of that process I thought that meant loosing all of my baby weight by my birthday. I’ve lost weight and gained weight in the past. My whole life I have been judging myself by my body and obsessing on calories and lbs. I realize now that even when I was “skinny” I still wasn’t satisfied and I spent so much energy controlling what I ate. Branda has helped teach me to deal with stress in ways that don’t include controlling or over indulging on foods. It is a learning process. I am learning about what emotions trigger me to reach out for food as comfort. I am becoming happier and more accepting of my body. No more calorie counting instead I am trying to tune into my body. My new goal has emerged over the past 4 months and is no longer just about how my body looks. I want to be confident in my own skin and to share that confidence with my two girls. I can’t recommend Branda enough. She has helped clarify what I really desire and has taught me how to find it. And I am feeling more beautiful everyday. Thank you Branda!” –Ashley {mom of 2}

Health coaching with Branda was not just a nutritional journey. While I have changed in many ways from the nutritional perspective, Branda also helped my virtual hand and helped me heal emotionally–allowing me to renew some relationships and identify the unhealthy ones I needed to reevaluate. As I prepare to relocate to a different country and encounter all types of new challenges, Branda has empowered me to believe I am ready and I can accomplish anything.” ~ Jodi {mom of 4}

What Branda’s VIRTUAL Boot Camp Babes are saying:

  • “I just really enjoy not being in a food coma after I eat, and instead feel really energized. I feel like I eat like a KING (tons of food) but yet am losing weight! This was a great learning process for me and I enjoyed it!”
  • “I definitely enjoyed the challenge. It helped me to experiment more with foods and I learned I like more veggies then I thought.”
  • “I have loved the challenge & it has completely changed the way I eat & view food. Seeing people eating junk…kinda repulses me now! I think I’m down about 5 lbs…and clothes are fitting wonderfully. I will be keeping up this way of living!”
  • “I love this way of eating! I don’t feel swollen anymore and that is amazing. I LOVE the shakes! I feel ten times better after I have one. It’s like my taste buds have changed. And finally, I have lost 4lbs. Thanks Branda!!!”
  • “I have so much more energy and i feel more in control of my eating, it helps immensely to plan things out. I love having the group to motivate me…sign me up for bikini challenge #2! Lost 5 lbs total.”


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