The life I NEVER Imagined


You will never guess where I’m working from right now…. Ok I’ll tell you! I’m sitting on top of a toolbox which is in the back of my giant red diesel truck which is parked in a parking lot out front of the laundromat. This is what I get for packing my weekend too full but it’s a great time to catch up with clients & check emails. 5 yrs ago I would have laughed hysterically if you would have told me I would be #1 driving a giant red truck #2 living anywhere that didn’t have a washer & dryer #3 have my own biz that is primarily online & uber flexible.
Nope, I was all set to go back to work after my son was born. I thought I HAD to. I thought that’s just what people do & so when that day came I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I wanted to make my own hours, have NO boss & work WITH my son by my side. (This was before the book #girlboss but that book describes this desire perfectly). I also got really clear on what mattered in my life. So along this journey I sold practically EVERYTHING I owned & moved into a RV (which is why we need the big red truck!) & guess what? This is NOT the life I imagined just 5 short years ago – like not even close! BUT honestly I couldn’t be more in love with my life.
I could be totally annoyed & bothered with my laundry situation but instead I take this time to write blog posts like these. I talk to my clients, teach boot camp classes & teach essential oil classes AND homeschool my son. If you are in search of some freedom- I want you to know- it IS possible to live your dream. Never give up & keep your arrow pointed towards your truth.
If you want to learn more about becoming a health coach &/or wellness advocate- let’s chat! ❤️

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